The Gadgeteer Reviews the ChargeHub

We recently sent a ChargeHub over to the team at The Gadgeteer. Here is what they had to say:

This little puck can charge all your devices – well seven at a time, anyway



The ChargeHub 7-Port USB Universal Charging Station can charge up to seven of your devices simultaneously using only one power supply.  It’s only 3.5″ in diameter and 1.5″ thick, but it can provide 2.4A per port up to a total of 44W.  Its SmartSpeed™ Technology provides optimal charge for virtually any USB device (based on type and number of connected devices).  The ChargeHub comes with a power supply and one  CableLinx™ Micro to USB Charge Cable.  Other CableLinx cables are available for $8-$20, depending on type, or you can simply use the cables that came with your devices.  The ChargeHub 7-Port USB Universal Charging Station is available in black, white, red, pink, purple, or blue for $59.95 from ChargeHub.

ChargeHub featured on recently put together a great review of our ChargeHub™.  They touched on many key points of the product, specifically mentioned how useful the DesignStudio is in customizing it.  You can read the entire article below.



We’ve all been there: you have multiple devices that need charging, but only a couple wall chargers. Or you have multiple chargers, but you don’t want to clutter your home or office with extra cables and power bars.

That’s where the ChargeHub shines. It comes in either square or circular iterations, with a number of different colour options, allows you to charge up to seven devices simultaneously with one power supply, and costs only $60.

We’ve seen and used other devices that charge up to four devices at once, unfortunately most of these devices are plugged directly into the wall.

The ChargeHub on the other hand has an extension cord of sorts that allows you to stick it in convenient locations like the boardroom table, your office, or your kitchen.
It ensures that you’re never cluttering the home or office with extra cables or power bars.

If you’re worried about its appearance, it can even be customized through ChargeHub’s “DesignStudio” web application to include photos, text, logos, or graphics, so it’s always tailored to you.

Considering our focus on protecting your business critical data and hardware, we are especially fond of this product because it has built in safety features to assist in the security of all connected devices.

We believe the ChargeHub offers a lot of useful functionality, especially for business users.