Tampa Bay Radio ‘Talking Sports’ host gives away ChargeHubs to NFL players

Tampa Bay ‘Talking Sports’ Podcast Giveaway at Press Box Sports

Tampa Bay Radio Podcast ‘Talking Sports’ host, Randy Harris, gave away some of our ChargeHub Multi-Port USB Chargers to his guests Chuck Darby (Former Tampa Bay Buccaneer-Super Bowl XXXVII Champion 2003), Freddie Martino (Current Buccaneers Wide Receiver) and Riley Bullough (Current Linebacker for the Buccaneers) recently.  We hope they enjoy their new ChargeHub USB SuperChargers!

Real Simple lists the X5 as one of ‘6 Clever Items to Simplify Your Life’

Real Simple Magazine recently featured the ChargeHub X5 5 Port USB Charger among a list of the Top ‘6 Clever Items to Simplify Your Life’.  Real Simple’s mission, through its 17 years, has been to simplify your life with smart finds like these. Read the ChargeHub product feature below or check out the entire list of innovative products here.

6 Clever Items to Simplify Your Life

ChargeHub X5

Upside to USB chargeable devices? The battery life. The downside? Endless plugs, cables, and not enough outlets. Swap out the charging clutter for this streamlined hub, which quickly charges up to five USB devices at a time using just one outlet.


TravelingMom.Com names X5 among 25 Best Travel Gifts for Men

Travelingmom.com recently featured the ChargeHub X5 as one of the 25 Best Travel Gifts for Men. This gift guide is for anyone buying gifts for men who love to travel. Read the ChargeHub feature below or check out the full list of products here.

25 Best Travel Gifts For Men

You need to charge everything when you travel, right? So why not give the man in your life one of the best chargers on the market? The Charge Hub X5 has the ability to charge up to 5 USB devices simultaneously. It features SmartSpeed Technology which provides optimal charge for virtually any USB device.

ChargeHub Focuses on Energy Efficiency

ChargeHub Focuses on Energy Efficiency

Global regulations surrounding external power supply efficiency and no-load power draw have rapidly evolved since the California Energy Commission (CEC) implemented the first mandatory standard in 2004. In an effort to meet and exceed all possible safety and efficiency standards, the ChargeHub has achieved the highest standard in energy efficiency, Energy Level VI.  This new standard meets an improved set of requirements set by the United States Department of Energy (DOE).  The ChargeHub has reduced the amount of energy being consumed to virtually ZERO when plugged in without devices.  As a result, there is no need to unplug your ChargeHub when not in use.  We always strive to develop new products with a focus on the latest in energy efficiency.

M Magazine Features ChargeHub on 2017 Back to School List

M Magazine

M Magazine recently featured the ChargeHub on its 2017 ‘Back to School’ list of favorite items for getting kids geared up for the new school year! Check out the feature below or read the entire list of top items here.

‘M List – Back to School’

The new ChargeHub X3 charges three devices simultaneously, saving space and eliminating excess cables, multiple electrical outlets, power strips, and tangled, twisted cords. SmartSpeed Technology provides the fastest possible charge. Available in 8 fun colors. $39.99 at www. thechargehub.com.

Daily Two Cents reviews ChargeHub X7

Daily Two Cents ChargeHub recently featured the ChargeHub X7! Check out this glowing review below or you can read the full feature online here.

Get Charging With The ChargeHub X7 USB Supercharger

Sometimes all you want is something simple that does one thing and does it well. So when it comes to charging up a smartphone or tablet or any number of USB power inputting devices, simple is best. But simple doesn’t mean you have to put up with things when patience is lacking. That’s why the ChargeHub X7 USB Supercharger is sitting on your desk or night table or wherever. Because it knows what to do with these devices — up to 7 of them at the same time too

Safety Assured

The X7 is safe to use so lets get that out of the way first because safety is important. It’s UL/cUL Listed, has been tested to comply with FCC Standard Part 15, Energy Level VI Efficiency and is RoHS Compliant for optimum quality, safety and durability. Again what all that means is that it’s safe to use, and that its 48 watts of power can do the job without being bothered by any inconsistencies.

Now what the job entails is letting you plug in up to 7 devices so they can all share in getting a recharge simultaneously. The X7 sits where you put it and is plugged into a wall outlet, so yes it’s portable in that you can take it to other place with or without the optional charging carry case (or use it in a car with the proper adapters), but no it’s not waterproof or designed to be used on the trail.

There’s two things added just for show — make that as a way to make it visually more appealing. The first is that the top has a clear lens where an insert can be placed. Software for doing this is included. There’s also more than just the blue glow showing that the X7 has power: the underside puts out its own glow which is intensity adjustable.

The ChargeHub X7 USB Supercharger helps to keep all your cables in one place so the frustration of looking for them can be eliminated. That alone could be worth it’s $59.99 retail cost, but obviously it’s the charging that it does that makes for the value in having it.