ChargeHub X5 Named an Edison Awards 2018 Nominee

Our exciting, new ChargeHub X5 models were selected as an Edison Awards 2018 Nominee.  Since 2008, the Edison Awards™ have recognized and honored some of the most innovative products and business leaders in the world and is among the most prestigious accolades honoring excellence in new product and service development, marketing, design and innovation.

ChargeHub Focuses on Energy Efficiency

ChargeHub Focuses on Energy Efficiency

Global regulations surrounding external power supply efficiency and no-load power draw have rapidly evolved since the California Energy Commission (CEC) implemented the first mandatory standard in 2004. In an effort to meet and exceed all possible safety and efficiency standards, the ChargeHub has achieved the highest standard in energy efficiency, Energy Level VI.  This new standard meets an improved set of requirements set by the United States Department of Energy (DOE).  The ChargeHub has reduced the amount of energy being consumed to virtually ZERO when plugged in without devices.  As a result, there is no need to unplug your ChargeHub when not in use.  We always strive to develop new products with a focus on the latest in energy efficiency.

ChargeHub featured in TWICE Guide to Power & Charging

Twice Magazine

The ChargeHub is proud to be featured in TWICE magazine’s “Guide to Power & Charging”!  This specialty issue features some of the most innovative charging products out on the market today.

The Consumer Electronics News magazine included the ChargeHub product line-up in a two page spread.  Check out full feature in Twice Magazine here!


ChargeHub makes eBags List of Top 10 Gadgets for a Great Trip


“Top 10 Gadgets for a Great Trip”

eBags ChargeHub feature is listed below. To read the full eBags article click here!

The ChargeHub line-up of USB charging stations is essential for use when traveling to fuel those hungry devices. Choose from 3, 5, or 7 port models that provides the fastest possible charge, up to 2.4 amps per port for your Apple iOS, Android and all other USB devices! Find your perfect travel accessory to charge anywhere you go, domestic and international – planes, trains, automobiles, and much more!

The Fox Magazine Features Newest ChargeHub Models

The Fox Magazine recently featured our ChargeHub X3 & ChargeHub X5 Models for their ability to simplify multiple device charging.  Their review detailed how the ChargeHub ensures a neat and organized space void of any unnecessary cables. Read more about what The Fox Magazine had to say about our newest innovative ChargeHub products here.

South Florida Insider Reviews our Newest ChargeHub X3 & X5 Models

South Florida Insider recently reviewed our newest ChargeHub X3 & X5 Models. The positive review focused on the ChargeHub’s ability to keep all devices charged and organized due to the single power supply feature! These new 3-Port & 5-Port Models round out the ChargeHub product collection with varying price points to fit every budget.

Read the full review on South Florida Insider here. 

ChargeHub sponsors Kim Komando Show’s 21st Annual Great Giveaway

ChargeHub was featured as a prize for The Kim Komando Show’s 21st Annual Great Giveaway! ChargeHub is proud to sponsor this awesome giveaway! You can listen to the winner announcement below or read more about it on the Kim Komando website here.

How to Save Money by Conserving Electricity

We are always looking for unique ways to save money.  Here is an interesting article from CNET addressing “Vampire Energy”.  The ChargeHub uses a very low amount of energy when not in use, but it’s always a good idea to unplug all electronics when you are away from home.  Especially if it’s for an extended period of time.

Here is a link to the article.

ChargeHub 2x Winner of Best in Technology at ASI Chicago

Another great showing for ChargeHub at ASI Chicago as we were awarded Best in Technology 2016 for the 2nd time this year!  Our first award came at ASI Orlando and we are thrilled to have received it again.  You can view a list of all the winners here.

Also, please take a look at our promotional website.

Limitless Innovations Featured in The Grommet “Makers Who Made It”

We’re excited to announce that one of our first and strategic partners, The Grommet debuts their e-book that features Limitless Innovations, Inc. Principal & Vice President of Marketing, Rock M. Smeja.  The ChargeHub can be found on pages #34 – 39 in the “Tech Category” under “Makers Who Made It”.  Thank you very much to each and everyone of our customers that made this possible!  Read the entire article at

Zatis Technology Group Features ChargeHub on Blog

We were recently featured on Zatis Technology’s Blog. You can read the story here:

ChargeHub: Universal Charging Station
Posted by Mersad On August 15th, 2015

The ChargeHub™ is a 7-Port USB Universal Charging Station for use virtually anywhere. It utilizes patented SmartSpeed™ Technology, which provides optimal charge (based on number and type of connected devices) for practically any USB device, regardless of whether it is an Apple iOS, Android device, etc. ChargeHub™ provides 7 USB dedicated charging ports and 48 Watts of total power delivery to charge up to 7 USB devices simultaneously, with only a single power supply. It eliminates excess cables and numerous plugs, outlets and power strips to maintain a neat and organized space.
For additional details and options, visit

Ameritech™ AND ChargeHub Announce Licensing Partnership

Rock Smeja, Principal & Vice President of Operations
Limitless Innovations, Inc.



McHenry, Illinois – September 16, 2015.

After the ChargeHub earned immense notoriety and recognition at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), one of the world’s largest technology industry shows, and was awarded “Best of CES 2014”, the technology world stood up and took notice of this gem assembled in McHenry, Illinois.  Recognizing exceptional value and innovation in the development of this product, Ameritech™, a brand synonymous with technology and quality in the telecommunications industry, has entered into a licensing partnership with Limitless Innovations, Inc. for Ameritech ChargeHub™ devices and other electronic accessories.

Continue reading “Ameritech™ AND ChargeHub Announce Licensing Partnership”

Limitless Innovations, Inc. Featured in US Business Executive

Limitless, Innovations, Inc. was recently featured in a US Business Executive Article.

You can view the digital version here.

Here is the full story:

Limitless Innovations Inc.

The sky’s the limit for Chicago-based family ingenuity
Written by:
Molly Shaw
Produced by:
Sean O’Reilly

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is one of the largest tech shows in the world. Held in Las Vegas, CES serves as a yearly marketplace for up-and-coming, innovative technology, and Limitless Innovations Inc. (Limitless) made a big splash at 2014’s show. The Illinois-based innovations company captured the Best of CES award, ranking by iPhone Life Magazine for the company’s ChargeHub product.

“We recently returned from the tradeshow and we’re excited about the great leads we’ve developed and strong sales potential,” recounts Rock M. Smeja, co-owner and vice president of sales and marketing of Limitless.

ChargeHub, a seven-port USB charging station that has the ability to charge up to seven USB devices simultaneously through one power supply, is just one of Limitless’ newly launched products and right now, it looks like the sky’s the limit for the young company. “Limitless was founded in 2012, but we’re already outgrowing our 100,000-square-foot facility, shared with our related companies, and we’re anticipating growing more through innovative products,” says Rock.

The building blocks for a new direction

Ingenuity is just something that runs in the Smeja family. Rock’s grandparents, George and Gloria Smeja, founded Metalmaster Roofmaster Inc. (Metalmaster), one of the nation’s largest commercial sheet metal and roofing contractors, out of their garage in 1977. George and Gloria’s sons, Michael and Daniel Smeja, have worked alongside their parents since the company’s inception and have been successful guiding the company for over 25 years.

Today, Metalmaster, located in McHenry, Ill., has provided a parent company platform for subsequent family businesses, such as Limitless. “We have several different businesses in the family,” shares Rock. “There’s Metalmaster and Sno Gem, as well as a real estate investment group, but we wanted to diversify further and we developed ideas for retail products – something that we’d never been involved in before.”

However, thanks to a wealth of startup business experience, manufacturing capabilities and close relationships with law firms, such as Reed Smith LLP, Limitless began to go from an idea to a reality in 2012. “The first product we developed was CableHub,” recalls Rock. “CableHub is the ultimate desktop cable organizer and management solution that controls seven cables and conceals up to 12 feet of cables and cords.”

Charging forward

“CableHub did relatively well online and in stores, but it wasn’t the level we had envisioned for our company,” continues Rock. Working with a private electrical engineer, the Limitless team charged forward, finally launching its patented ChargeHub technology in January 2014.

“We realized the need for a product that was truly a universal charging station, such as ChargeHub, and its skyrocketed Limitless to where we are today,” shares Rock. ChargeHub officially made a successful debut at the 2014 CES, winning the Best of CES award by iPhone Life Magazine.

ChargeHub utilizes patent-pending SmartSpeed Technology that provides optimal charge for virtually any USB-related device, regardless of make and model. The ChargeHub station is available in a square or round shape, multiple colors, as well as a fully customizable insert. “Customers can use our free online DesignStudio to personalize their ChargeHub with logos, text, graphics or artwork,” details Rock.

The 48-watt power supply connects via one cord, eliminating the need for excess cable and numerous plugs. The ChargeHub is portable and can be used in variety of places from home and work, as well as on-the-go from cars to commercial trucks, RV’s, boats and most airplanes.

Limitless is also a licensed Apple MFi Developer. “Our CableLinx technology is an accessory to ChargeHub,” explains Rock. “It manages and eliminates excess cable to keep a neat and organized space. CableLinx are sold as individual or bundled packs of three-and-a-half-inch USB charge and sync cables for Apple 30-Pin, Lightning, Micro and Mini, the four most popular cables in the world.”

Soon to be in the national spotlight

After such success at the 2014 CES show, Rock says Limitless is readying for more significant appearances from home shopping cable networks, such as QVC and Shop HQ, as well as 60-second commercial spots that will air across all major networks. “We’re currently working on deals with major retail stores,” reveals Rock. “We’ll be in some by the end of this year and others by early 2015.”

As though the charging side wasn’t keeping the company busy enough, Limitless is also working on a coffee product accessory line, including Café Cabana organizing trays that are compatible with all major single-serve coffee pod manufacturers, as well as Café Oasis, a hybrid coffee pod and condiment management system. “Café Oasis is one of a kind in its design and function,” shares Rock. “It can hold up to 48 Keurig K-Cups and is compatible with all other major single-serve coffee pod manufacturers.”

It’s surely going to be a busy couple of years ahead as Limitless expands and enters new markets. “We’re adding to both lines; the charging side and the coffee side,” notes Rock. “Even as we manage Limitless on a daily basis, there is much to do in our other businesses. There’s a great benefit in having multiple family members involved, as we share the same passion to succeed, coupled with years of expertise in entrepreneurship.”

Excitement is building as Limitless prepares for one of its biggest years yet. “We’re excited, because we’re going to be sitting in front of some of the biggest retail stores and TV networks in the world, and from what we’ve seen so far, major growth in the future that we feel truly blessed for,” adds Rock. 2014 is shaping up to be a banner year for the young company and it looks like the sky’s the limit in pioneering products for Limitless Innovations Inc.


ChargeHub is now featured on The Grommet

The ChargeHub is teaming up with The Grommet to offer a special introductory sale price of $49.95.  Click the link above to view our video that The Grommet created for the ChargeHub. You can purchase a ChargeHub™ here.

About ChargeHub

Cord Keeper

Get your cords in order with ChargeHub, a one stop charger that powers up to seven electronic devices simultaneously, at full speed, with just one plug. Perfect for families or anyone with multiple devices, the cross functional USB ports can fuel phones, cameras, tablets, and laptops.

ChargeHub is created by Rock Smeja and his family. Rock is a third generation roofing and sheet metal contractor and entrepreneur from Illinois. His company, Limitless Innovations, specializes in developing technology accessories that are innovative and efficient.

This universal docking station is their first product. It eliminates the need for cables, wires, and power strips for a less cluttered, more organized space. Enabled with “Smart Speed” technology, ChargeHub can individually calibrate energy needs for each device. A blue LED light indicates power and function, while providing a soft underglow so you can see it in the dark.

ChargeHub Featured on WCCB Charlotte

Derek and Kristine Test Out ChargeHub

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Your User Friendly Tech News is keeping you in the know when it comes to the hottest gadgets on the market. Rising hosts Derek James and Kristine Zell check out the ChargeHub – a 7-in-1 charging port.

Whether it’s your tablet, GPS, smartphone, MP3, or gaming device – you can make a one stop shop to power up with the ChargeHub.

It won top awards by iPhone Life Magazine and debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show.

The ChargeHub gets rid of the hassle of having all those power cords out in the open.

It retails for $59.95 and is expected in stores and online by the end of the year.

You can even personalize it with your own image or company logo!

The Geek Church Reviews ChargeHub

Our friends over at The Geek Church had a chance to review The ChargeHub.  Here is what they had to say:

Some of you might remember when I did a report on a product known as the Cable Hub, a product that is able to get rid of a lot of cables, in order to completely de-tangle your life. This device was made by Limitless Innovations, and they have a similar product known as the ChargeHub, which can also detangle your life, in a different way.

The ChargeHub is essentially a device with 7 USB ports. If you don’t think your desk needs that, then you probably don’t have enough gadgets. I mean with a smartphone, Bluetooth headset, MP3 player, digital camera, and anything else that is USB charged, you really need a ChargeHub.

The device has a cord to plug into the wall, and you can set the voltage. Speaking of things you can set, there is an awesome option of a Blue LED indicator light that creates a cobalt blue glow underneath the ChargeHub.

Another option of the ChargeHub is that it has a removable top cover so you can put a photo or drawing there.

On the whole, it is nice. I don’t really have a price on this, but I have had a chance to review it, so it must be available soon. I don’t have a price, but I’m sure you can find out more about it here.

Chicago Tribune’s Blue Sky Mentions ChargeHub Among IH+H Standouts

Standing out from the crowd at the International Home and Housewares Show is not an easy feat.  This year, we were privileged to be recognized by Chicago Tribune’s Blue Sky Innovation as one of the interesting new gadgets.

Coffee machines, stylish laundry totes and products that help you carry, filter or carbonate water held the spotlight at the International Home and Housewares Show that closed Tuesday at McCormick Place. The event featured four days, 2,100 exhibits and 60,000 attendees who focused on entertaining, cooking, cleaning and décor.

Among the interesting new offerings:


The ChargeHub by McHenry’s Limitless Innovations provides the ability to charge up to seven USB devices simultaneously with optimal charge using one power supply. $49.95.