YourTeen Magazine promotes ChargeHub as ideal ‘Tech Support’ for Teens

YourTeen Magazine promotes ChargeHub as ideal ‘Tech Support’ for Teens

The ChargeHub feature can be found below or in the July/August 2017 print issue of YourTeen Magazine.

$39.99 – $49.99

Tired of asking who stole your charger cord? Now your entire family can charge its devices at the same time with one easy power source. Choose from three, five, or seven ports.


ChargeHub 3 Port USB Charger reviewed in Weekender Extended Magazine

ChargeHub 3 Port USB Charger Reviewed in Weekender Extended Magazine

The Weekender Extended recently reviewed our ChargeHub X3 among other top Electronic Gadgets in the industry. They touted the X3’s unique ability to charge multiple mobile devices with only using one outlet! ChargeHub X3 is  ideal product for travel to hotels where outlets can often be limited.

Check out the full issue of Weekender Extended Magazine below or here.

July 2017 – Magazine

Smarter Travel says ChargeHub is “Perfect for Travel”

Smarter Travel

The ChargeHub was recently reviewed on the website Smarter Travel, a site offering expert travel tips, inspiring destination stories, and timely travel news.  Read thereview from Smarter Travel below or check out the full article here.

Laptop, check. Tablet, check. Smartphone, check. Backup phone charger, check. Camera, check … the list of travel tech goes on and on. But every piece of tech you bring means another USB cable and outlet. That’s why the ChargeHub is a genius travel invention. The multi-port hub lets you charge anywhere from three to seven devices via USB all at the same time.

ChargeHub Review

Price and Where to Buy the ChargeHub: Starting at $40 on Amazon and ChargeHub’s website.

How the ChargeHub Rates:

  • Usefulness: 10/10. ChargeHub is super useful for anyone who travels with a ton of tech. I now never have to worry about making sure all my devices are charged, and it means I pack fewer outlets and cords. Plus, the travel case and international kit (sold separately) let me take the hub anywhere.
  • Value: 8/10. Chargers can be expensive, especially ones that hold up well and don’t fry your devices. At $40, the ChargeHub is on the expensive side, but saves you money on plugs and adapters.
  • Portability: 8/10. While the hub is a little bulky, the travel case keeps everything organized.
  • Cool Factor: 9/10. A charging station might not be the coolest thing out there, but you can customize your ChargeHub to fit your style. Choose from two different shapes and upload a photo or design to customize your port. Or, you can select one of the eight color options from the store.

Final Verdict: If you find yourself packing more outlets and cords than clothes, the ChargeHub is for you. The multi-port device is ideal for those who travel with a lot of tech and equipment. If you most of your devices are charged via USB, I would recommend the ChargeHub for office and travel use.


Wellness Travel Journal names ChargeHub X3 ‘Summer Wellness Travel Must-Have’

The Wellness Travel Journal recently featured The ChargeHub X3 as one of its Top 5 Summer Wellness Travel Must-Haves! The ChargeHub X3 3-Port USB SuperCharger is a summer travel necessity due to its ability to charge 3 USB devices simultaneously, its compact and very packable size, and its multiple safety certifications which assure users they won’t fry devices. 

Read the full Wellness Travel Journal list here.

ChargeHub X5 featured in Urban Milan Father’s Day Gift Guide

Our ChargeHub X5 was featured in this year’s Urban Milan Father’s Day Gift Guide.  The ChargeHub is an ideal way to keep Dad’s multiple devices charged, powered and connected! We’re excited to be featured in this year’s list and certainly agree that the ChargeHub is the perfect gift idea for Dad. Read the full list and check out other featured gift ideas on Urban Milan’s website here.

MacWorld ChargeHub review: Goodbye power strip, hello multi-device charging!

MacWorld recently reviewed all of our ChargeHub models. The review noted that the ChargeHub USB SuperCharger is perfect for families with multiple device charging needs. When there are 6 devices in one household and everyone has to scramble for one outlet in order to re-charge that is when the ChargeHub truly does save the day with it’s 3, 5, or 7 port model options and powerful charge!  The review ultimately concluded that the ChargeHub is the ideal product for multi-device charging and really does live up to its claim as “The Power Strip of the 21st Century!”  Read the entire MacWorld review here.

Innovation & Tech Today calls ChargeHub “The Mother of All Phone Chargers”

Innovation & Tech Today recently posted a glowing review of The ChargeHub USB Super Charger. They praised the ChargeHub’s simultaneously charming and effective design as well as it’s ability to live up to it’s fast and powerful charging claims. The ChargeHub continues to be the perfect product for all charging needs! Read the full Innovation & Tech Today review here

Newstips Review 4: ChargeHub X5

Newstips Review 4: ChargeHub X5

ChargeHub is a pointedly interesting product line because it so nicely exemplifies trade-offs. They sent us the X5 model, about the size of one of those little round black ashtrays that used to be everywhere, with 5 USB charging ports & an attachment point for 100-240 VAC power (cord is included) around its circumference. Each USB port delivers up to 2.4 Amps but the total can’t exceed 8 Amps. If you attach too many power-hungry devices at once, it goes into overload mode & you have to unplug some until it settles down. That total not equaling the some of its ports is one of the trade-offs; another is in the geometry, where the things you plug in get spread out around the hub, adding up to a big footprint (which may still be a better use of space than some alternatives). Bottom line: ChargeHub X5 uses one wall-wart-free power outlet to bring USB charging to as many as 5 pieces of your gear.

San Diego Family Magazine features ChargeHub in their 2017 Father’s Day Gift List

San Diego Family recently featured the ChargeHub X3 & ChargeHub X5 in their Father’s Day Gift Idea list for 2017.  They praised the ChargeHub’s ability to keep every space neat and organized while powerfully charging all of your devices!

Check out the entire father’s day gift idea list from San Diego Family here.

ChargeHub mentioned in Philadelphia Sun’s Smooth Traveler Series

The Philadelphia Sun highlighted the ChargeHub X3 & ChargeHub X5 as an effective solution to charging our overwhelming number of mobile devices on-the-go! Below the main article the ChargeHub is featured in their tech tips section as part of their recurring Smooth Traveler Series.  Read the entire Smooth Traveler article on the Philadelphia Sun website here.

ChargeHub featured in Active Family Magazine as ideal gift for “The Tech Mom”

The ChargeHub USB Supercharger was featured as a top Mother’s Day Gift idea for “The Tech Mom” in the May 2017 issue of Active Family!

Check out the entire article in the full issue of Active Family here.

AppleWorld.Today gives ChargeHub X5 5 out of 5 Stars

AppleWorld.Today recently reviewed our ChargeHub X5 5-Port Supercharger as a must have for families on-the-go rating it 5 out of 5 stars. The review detailed the ChargeHub X5’s ability to quickly charge multiple devices with no cord tangle! Read more about the highlights of our innovative ChargeHub X5 in the full AppleWorld.Today article here.

The Fox Magazine Features Newest ChargeHub Models

The Fox Magazine recently featured our ChargeHub X3 & ChargeHub X5 Models for their ability to simplify multiple device charging.  Their review detailed how the ChargeHub ensures a neat and organized space void of any unnecessary cables. Read more about what The Fox Magazine had to say about our newest innovative ChargeHub products here.

South Florida Insider Reviews our Newest ChargeHub X3 & X5 Models

South Florida Insider recently reviewed our newest ChargeHub X3 & X5 Models. The positive review focused on the ChargeHub’s ability to keep all devices charged and organized due to the single power supply feature! These new 3-Port & 5-Port Models round out the ChargeHub product collection with varying price points to fit every budget.

Read the full review on South Florida Insider here. 

Truckers News reviews ChargeHub X7 SuperCharger

Truckers News praised the ChargeHub’s unique ability to efficiently charge all of your devices at once instead of using 7 different chargers! With the addition of the ChargeHub Vehicle Power Cable it’s an especially great product for truck drivers on the go! Read the full article on Truckers News here.

Mac Sources reviews ChargeHub Universal Travel Case and International Travel Kit

MacSources reviewed our ChargeHub accessories that help keep you charged on the go. They had great things to say about how useful and handy these products are to have around especially if you’re a frequent traveller!  Read the full MacSources review on our ChargeHub Travel Case and International Travel Kit here.

GoGo reviews our ChargeHub X7 SuperCharger

GoGo, the leading provider of inflight internet and entertainment, recently reviewed our ChargeHub X7 SuperCharger. GoGo praised the ChargeHub’s ability to simultaneously charge 7 devices only using one outlet while at home or while traveling!  Read the entire review on Gogo’s website here.

Geekscape reviews our ChargeHub X7 SuperCharger

ChargeHub was recently featured in a Tech Review by Geekscape. They had a lot of great things to say about how simple and effective this product is! Read the full review at the Geekscape website here.

Welcome to the world of the ChargeHub! If you aren’t familiar with them, they create these things that you can plug in and get more USB ports than you had before. Yes, ’tis the season, and the ChargeHub X7 could be the perfect gift for…anyone.

The reason why is because everyone now has a whole bunch of electric devices, and everyone needs some way to power them. The ChargeHub X7 is a 7 Port USB Universal Charging Station, a place where you can just plug it in and plug in your smartphone, tablet, Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth earbuds, and anything else you want to do.

In fact, this particular device is so simple to use and so useful, I am not certain if I should even write about it anymore. I do admire how the ChargeHub comes in a circle or square shape, and when it is plugged into the wall, it exudes a lovely glow. Oh, it also comes in many colors.

You should be able to purchase the ChargeHub X7 for $59.99 on the company website, and it comes with a Micro USB CableLinx.

The Geek Church Reviews Our ChargeHub X7 SuperCharger

Recently our ChargeHub X7 was reviewed by The Geek Church.  They had a lot of great things to say about it.  You can read the entire review below or on The Geek Church’s website.

Now that we are into the holiday season, there are a lot of people clamoring for the ultimate gift. I will have to say before I get into it that the ChargeHub X7 will make a perfect gift for just about anyone.

The reason why is because everyone now has a whole bunch of electric devices, and everyone needs some way to power them. The ChargeHub X7 is a 7 Port USB Universal Charging Station is a place where you can just plug it in and plug in your smartphone, tablet, Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth earbuds, and anything else you want to do.

In fact, this particular device is so simple to use and so useful, I am not certain if I should even write about it anymore. I have actually tried this out once before, and even remember meeting the founders of Limitless Innovations at an early time, when their booth was nothing but a table at a CES.

I do admire how the ChargeHub comes in a circle or square shape, and when it is plugged into the wall, it exudes a lovely glow. You should be able to purchase the ChargeHub X7 for $59.99 on the company website, and it comes with a Micro USB CableLinx.

Gazette Review features our ChargeHub USB Supercharger

Gazette Review recently reviewed our ChargeHub and praised its quality, functionality, and value stating “it’s one of the best charging hubs that money can buy right now.” Check out the full review on the Gazette Review website here.

All in all, the tech world is really happy with what it has seen of this device. Whether you’re a frequent traveler or a homemaker, the ChargeHub is well-known for making life a little easier for you. (I only really talked about iPads and smartphones in the like in this review, but the hub is also capable of charging things like gaming console controllers, headphones, GPS’s, and much, much more.) In fact, the device has actually received significant attention in the press for its quality, too. The charging hub was first released in 2014, when it was showcased at the famous Consumer Electronics Show. Following its excellent showing there, the ChargeHub was actually honored with iPhone Life Magazine’s Best of CES 2014 award. It’s an innovative product, and critics and consumers alike have a lot of good things to say about it. If you’re worried about running into any issue with this device in practice, I have to tell you that your concerns may not be very well-founded.

Newstips Review 5: Limitless Innovations 7-port ChargeHub

Whenever we get a charging device, we like to start with the math. Limitless Innovations sent their ChargeHub 7-port USB charging station; its power transformer is rated for 44 Watts, roughly 1.2 Amps per port if they were ever all pulling down all they could; in real life, with most ports pulling more nominal draws, some of the ports could pull as much as 2.4A. That’s good service, a lot better than we’ve seen from many USB power products. With this, of course, there’s a plus in having 7 available power ports all in one place. Bottom line: the Limitless Innovations ChargeHub offers USB charging to the seventh power.

iPhone Life Magazine Gives ChargeHub Perfect 5 Stars

The team at iPhone Life Magazine just gave our ChargeHub a perfect 5 star rating.  See below for the article or check it out at iPhone Life Magazine’s website.

When it comes to powering our multiple devices, it seems there’s no end to the amount of cords and power outlets needed to keep all the batteries charged. Seeking a solution to this disorganization, I gave ChargeHub ($59.99) a try for myself after hearing that a box the size of a hockey puck could handle seven USB chargers at any given time. That means more than just my iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, but also my Bluetooth headphones (one for sports, one for work), activity trackers, battery packs, and more can be charged. So, can ChargeHub really do it all?

ChargeHub is available in both a round and square edition with multiple color options. I received a white, circular charging hub with the super value pack ($89.99). Upon unboxing ChargeHub, the first thing I noticed were the various, short charging cords included with the value pack so that you don’t need all of your own longer cords unless desired. This I found particularly convenient, because I can leave the included cord plugged into the hub and take my Apple cord with me for travel or general portability.

I can see where the ChargeHub would be ideal for a family. You could easily set up a single charging station for everyone, and it would be an easy way to limit phone or iPad time having the only charging source in a family room where devices could be stationed during family dinners or get togethers. The package also included a car charger if you prefer to keep your ChargeHub in your vehicle. The top of the charging hub has the company logo; however, on the ChargeHub website you can make custom labels with your own photo, logo, or artwork.

I’ve been using my ChargeHub at work for a few weeks now, and I’ve already become spoiled by the ease of having an open charging slot at all times. ChargeHub was recently at CES in Las Vegas as well and was awarded as one of our Best of CES 2016 winners by iPhone Life editors. After my experience with the ChargeHub, I can certainly see why. It’s a simple product that makes life with technology a little easier.


  • Compact design
  • Charges up to 7 USB devices
  • Customizable surface with online Design Studio
  • Creates a single space for charging all your devices simultaneously


  • Offers 360 charging so you’ll need a decent sized surface area to charge many devices.

Final Verdict:

So, can ChargeHub really do it all? When it comes to powering USB devices, it definitely can.

AP Product Reviews Awards ChargeHub Perfect 5 Rating

We were recently reviewed by the team over at AP Product Reviews.  Here is what they had to say:

The ChargeHub™ provides 7 USB dedicated charging ports and 48 Watts of total power delivery to charge up to 7 simultaneously connected phones, tablets and other mobile devices.  It also includes patent-pending SmartSpeed™ Technology to allow any port to charge the connected device at its maximum charging speed, regardless of whether it is an Apple iOS or Android device.

ChargeHub™ will make its debut on national television through one-minute commercials, as well as on home-shopping cable networks. And now it can be found and available in-store, online and in major hotels and casinos throughout the country.

Editor Rating 5 Visit The Website At:

The Mancave (True Reviews) Reviews the ChargeHub

We were recently featured on The Mancave’s Blog.  Here is what they had to say:

I have a lot of devices that need to be charged via usb. Phones, tablets, headphones, remotes, radios, get the picture.
I’m always looking for the right cord, juggling and rotating wall plug adapters and it was getting quite tiresome, especially when needing to charge multiple devices. That has all now changed since I received the ChargeHub 7 port Charging Station Super Value Pack.

Now I have a designated charging location that will accommodate all of my devices…and multiple devices at one time. I no longer have to go through my myriad of cords or rotate charging wall tips. I just walk to my ChargeHub and plug in.

The ChargeHub packs 48 watts of power to charge up to 7 devices. The unit also features an adjustable underglow that affirms the unit is working and also gives you illumination in dark or dim environments.

The ChargeHub Super Value Pack also includes a car charger, allowing you to multiply your cars charging receptacle. The Value pack also comes with the USB cables that you need to charge a diverse range of devices. The following is included in the Super Value Pack :

2 x Lightning™, 2 x 30-Pin, 2 x Micro, 1 x Mini to USB Cable, 1 x Vehicle Power Cable for use virtually anywhere, as well as 1 x 48 Watt Power Supply, 1 x User Manual, 1 x Clear Lens with Removable Film, and 1 x Accessory Product Insert Card

I like the fact that The ChargHub Super Value Pack creates a convenient charging station for multiple devices. It has everything you need to charge most types of devices and it includes a car adapter for on the go multi-charging.

If you are looking for a way to get your chargables organized then check out the ChargeHub Super Value Pack here.

Top Ten Reviews Lists ChargeHub as 2016 Best Stocking Stuffer

Recently, ChargeHub was reviewed by Top Ten Reviews and selected as a 2016 Best Stocking Stuffer.  You can read the entire article below.

If you’re looking for something to help your family and friends stay connected to all the gadgets they own, a practical stocking stuffer like the ChargeHub 7-Port USB Universal Charging Station may be the answer. The ChargeHub allows them to charge different devices, including smartphones, digital cameras and tablets, without clogging up every outlet in the house. Just plug a USB cord charger in to the hub, and multiple devices can charge at the same time without power strips or lugging around charging blocks. This is great for tech geeks and families in which each member has their own cell phone.

The ChargeHub works with most Apple iOS or Android devices. With the seven included ports, the recipient can likely charge most of his or her devices at the same time. This charging station only requires one outlet. A ChargeHub is a great addition to a common area in the house where most family members or friends congregate for short periods of time. If you’ve ever shared a room with multiple people with low batteries, you know outlet space is a premium commodity. The ChargeHub helps alleviate some of that stress.
Continue reading “Top Ten Reviews Lists ChargeHub as 2016 Best Stocking Stuffer”

5 Star Rating for ChargeHub from Bob “The Gadgeteer”

ChargeHub™ – 7 Port USB Charging Station

We live is a world of USB devices that all need to be charged at some time or another. Each device generally comes with its own charger. In most cases a one-size charger does not fit all applications. An example of this would be an iPad vs a smartphone. iPads require a higher amperage draw than most other devices, so having the correct charger speeds things up and avoids damaging the charger. Having numerous devices and their respective chargers creates clutter, so is there a solution?

Limitless Innovations, Inc., a product innovations company engaged in the design and development of various cutting edge technologies for the retail market, may have an answer. I recently tested their ChargeHub – Super Value Pack, octopus in look and available as a square or round shaped charging station that allows up to seven various USB items to be charged at one time.

The ChargeHub is small in size. The Super Value Pack comes with seven assorted cables to accommodate the proper connection to various devices.

Being an all-in-one charger, it eliminates the need to have a variety of chargers and to have enough electrical outlets to plug them all into. What you must understand is that having seven items simultaneously plugged in can affect the time required for a full charge. There is 8.8 amps total output power with 2.4 amps maximum per port. So, an iPad Air draws more power than a regular iPad and will draw up to 2.4 amps when its totally dead. A smartphone will draw approximately 1 amp when it’s completely dead. In most cases the devices that are plugged in will be at different levels of charge so averaging becomes a factor in determining how many and how long it will take something to charge. Most people will never experience not receiving optimal charge for up to seven connected devices. ChargeHub benefits from patent-pending SmartSpeed™ technology where each port works the same thus there is no special USB port for any particular brand or type of device. Due to the large current draw ChargeHub does not charge laptops.

Its compact size travels well and keeps your devices in one central location when they’re not in use and being charged. This helps to easily locate them when needed. When used with the optional International Travel Kit, it can be used worldwide as it is multi-voltage.

If you’re interested in giving it a customized look, a set of plastic tabs is provided that allows for the insertion of a photo, logo or other unique identifier in the top center of the charger.

A common problem with most users is to forget to charge their devices. Allowing them to fully drain is not advised. Charging them for five-minutes and then assuming they’re ready for limited use is a false sense of security and can alter the battery’s memory. I make it a habit of charging my smartphone at bedtime each night. This assures me of optimum usage the next day. If such a full charge will not last your active daily lifestyle, you should seriously consider the addition of a battery case such as those offered by Mophie, The Mophie battery pack can also be charged by the ChargeHub.)

MSRP: Super Value Pack $89.95 available in round or square design International Travel Kit $29.95 (Various other optional accessories are offered)
For more information go to:

Graphic credits: Limitless Innovations, Inc.

Bob Skidmore is a freelance writer, who may be contacted at, or followed at for the latest gadget industry news. He does not represent, or endorse any of the products he reviews and his opinions are solely his points of view and not those of the manufacturer. The manufacturer generally supplies products at no cost for the articles and no other compensation is received. THE GADGETEER is highly selective as to products he feels worthy of review so as not to waste the reader’s time, thus the reason for many superior ratings.

Zatis Technology Group Features ChargeHub on Blog

We were recently featured on Zatis Technology’s Blog. You can read the story here:

ChargeHub: Universal Charging Station
Posted by Mersad On August 15th, 2015

The ChargeHub™ is a 7-Port USB Universal Charging Station for use virtually anywhere. It utilizes patented SmartSpeed™ Technology, which provides optimal charge (based on number and type of connected devices) for practically any USB device, regardless of whether it is an Apple iOS, Android device, etc. ChargeHub™ provides 7 USB dedicated charging ports and 48 Watts of total power delivery to charge up to 7 USB devices simultaneously, with only a single power supply. It eliminates excess cables and numerous plugs, outlets and power strips to maintain a neat and organized space.
For additional details and options, visit

ChargeHub Featured in Shiny New Gadget of the Month

ChargeHub is proud to announce we were named the Shiny New Gadget of the Month by  Read the entire story below.

Shiny New Gadget Of The Month: ChargeHub: Universal Charging Station

Posted by synergyinc On August 5th, 2015

The ChargeHub™ is a 7-Port USB Universal Charging Station for use virtually anywhere. It utilizes patented SmartSpeed™ Technology, which provides optimal charge (based on number and type of connected devices) for practically any USB device, regardless of whether it is an Apple iOS, Android device, etc. ChargeHub™ provides 7 USB dedicated charging ports and 48 Watts of total power delivery to charge up to 7 USB devices simultaneously, with only a single power supply. It eliminates excess cables and numerous plugs, outlets and power strips to maintain a neat and organized space.

For additional details and options, visit

Limitless Innovations, Inc. Featured in US Business Executive

Limitless, Innovations, Inc. was recently featured in a US Business Executive Article.

You can view the digital version here.

Here is the full story:

Limitless Innovations Inc.

The sky’s the limit for Chicago-based family ingenuity
Written by:
Molly Shaw
Produced by:
Sean O’Reilly

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is one of the largest tech shows in the world. Held in Las Vegas, CES serves as a yearly marketplace for up-and-coming, innovative technology, and Limitless Innovations Inc. (Limitless) made a big splash at 2014’s show. The Illinois-based innovations company captured the Best of CES award, ranking by iPhone Life Magazine for the company’s ChargeHub product.

“We recently returned from the tradeshow and we’re excited about the great leads we’ve developed and strong sales potential,” recounts Rock M. Smeja, co-owner and vice president of sales and marketing of Limitless.

ChargeHub, a seven-port USB charging station that has the ability to charge up to seven USB devices simultaneously through one power supply, is just one of Limitless’ newly launched products and right now, it looks like the sky’s the limit for the young company. “Limitless was founded in 2012, but we’re already outgrowing our 100,000-square-foot facility, shared with our related companies, and we’re anticipating growing more through innovative products,” says Rock.

The building blocks for a new direction

Ingenuity is just something that runs in the Smeja family. Rock’s grandparents, George and Gloria Smeja, founded Metalmaster Roofmaster Inc. (Metalmaster), one of the nation’s largest commercial sheet metal and roofing contractors, out of their garage in 1977. George and Gloria’s sons, Michael and Daniel Smeja, have worked alongside their parents since the company’s inception and have been successful guiding the company for over 25 years.

Today, Metalmaster, located in McHenry, Ill., has provided a parent company platform for subsequent family businesses, such as Limitless. “We have several different businesses in the family,” shares Rock. “There’s Metalmaster and Sno Gem, as well as a real estate investment group, but we wanted to diversify further and we developed ideas for retail products – something that we’d never been involved in before.”

However, thanks to a wealth of startup business experience, manufacturing capabilities and close relationships with law firms, such as Reed Smith LLP, Limitless began to go from an idea to a reality in 2012. “The first product we developed was CableHub,” recalls Rock. “CableHub is the ultimate desktop cable organizer and management solution that controls seven cables and conceals up to 12 feet of cables and cords.”

Charging forward

“CableHub did relatively well online and in stores, but it wasn’t the level we had envisioned for our company,” continues Rock. Working with a private electrical engineer, the Limitless team charged forward, finally launching its patented ChargeHub technology in January 2014.

“We realized the need for a product that was truly a universal charging station, such as ChargeHub, and its skyrocketed Limitless to where we are today,” shares Rock. ChargeHub officially made a successful debut at the 2014 CES, winning the Best of CES award by iPhone Life Magazine.

ChargeHub utilizes patent-pending SmartSpeed Technology that provides optimal charge for virtually any USB-related device, regardless of make and model. The ChargeHub station is available in a square or round shape, multiple colors, as well as a fully customizable insert. “Customers can use our free online DesignStudio to personalize their ChargeHub with logos, text, graphics or artwork,” details Rock.

The 48-watt power supply connects via one cord, eliminating the need for excess cable and numerous plugs. The ChargeHub is portable and can be used in variety of places from home and work, as well as on-the-go from cars to commercial trucks, RV’s, boats and most airplanes.

Limitless is also a licensed Apple MFi Developer. “Our CableLinx technology is an accessory to ChargeHub,” explains Rock. “It manages and eliminates excess cable to keep a neat and organized space. CableLinx are sold as individual or bundled packs of three-and-a-half-inch USB charge and sync cables for Apple 30-Pin, Lightning, Micro and Mini, the four most popular cables in the world.”

Soon to be in the national spotlight

After such success at the 2014 CES show, Rock says Limitless is readying for more significant appearances from home shopping cable networks, such as QVC and Shop HQ, as well as 60-second commercial spots that will air across all major networks. “We’re currently working on deals with major retail stores,” reveals Rock. “We’ll be in some by the end of this year and others by early 2015.”

As though the charging side wasn’t keeping the company busy enough, Limitless is also working on a coffee product accessory line, including Café Cabana organizing trays that are compatible with all major single-serve coffee pod manufacturers, as well as Café Oasis, a hybrid coffee pod and condiment management system. “Café Oasis is one of a kind in its design and function,” shares Rock. “It can hold up to 48 Keurig K-Cups and is compatible with all other major single-serve coffee pod manufacturers.”

It’s surely going to be a busy couple of years ahead as Limitless expands and enters new markets. “We’re adding to both lines; the charging side and the coffee side,” notes Rock. “Even as we manage Limitless on a daily basis, there is much to do in our other businesses. There’s a great benefit in having multiple family members involved, as we share the same passion to succeed, coupled with years of expertise in entrepreneurship.”

Excitement is building as Limitless prepares for one of its biggest years yet. “We’re excited, because we’re going to be sitting in front of some of the biggest retail stores and TV networks in the world, and from what we’ve seen so far, major growth in the future that we feel truly blessed for,” adds Rock. 2014 is shaping up to be a banner year for the young company and it looks like the sky’s the limit in pioneering products for Limitless Innovations Inc.


Beehive Web Solutions Reviews the ChargeHub and CableLinx

We recently received a great review from Beehive Web Solutions.  Read the entire article below:

Recharge USB devices with ChargeHub and CableLinx

Because we use USB devices during our business day and our daily errands there Work flow with new technologieswill come a time when that battery needs to be recharged. Because prices have become more affordable for cell phones, tablets, iPads, and even tablets families will most likely have more than one USB device. So when someone has a USB device that needs a recharge they may or may not have an electric outlet to plug their USB device into for that recharge time; that can make matters frustrating. There has been an answer to solve this issue from ChargeHub and CableLinx.

At the Consumer Electronics Show in 2015 ChargeHub showed off a fabulous product for those with multiple USB devices. Introducing one product that can be plugged into an electrical outlet then used for multiple USB devices. What makes this product outstanding is the capability as it will manage up to seven USB devices that are in need of recharging. So if there is a family of four which has four cell phones including two tablets the answer is that they will be able to have everything recharged easily by using ChargeHub because every USB device will be plugged in at the same time.

USB device owners can use their current USB cord that came with their product by connecting the cord to USB device first then plugging in the USB device to the ChargeHub. Another helpful product that can be used with ChargeHub and also help in charging the USB device is called CableLinx. This product is a value pack of USB cables which can be used with the ChargeHub. Every USB device needs a different connector and CableLinx can provide the type connector within the value pack. CableLinx was also introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2015 so everyone is now aware of the product and the ability it will provide to all USB devices. Using both of these products together will make daily living easier for anyone who uses multiple USB devices as it makes the ability of recharging them very simple plus keeps everything in one place so everything will remain safe and easily recharged every time. These are two products well worth the investment as they will always keep your devices fresh and ready to use.

The Gadgeteer Reviews the ChargeHub

We recently sent a ChargeHub over to the team at The Gadgeteer. Here is what they had to say:

This little puck can charge all your devices – well seven at a time, anyway



The ChargeHub 7-Port USB Universal Charging Station can charge up to seven of your devices simultaneously using only one power supply.  It’s only 3.5″ in diameter and 1.5″ thick, but it can provide 2.4A per port up to a total of 44W.  Its SmartSpeed™ Technology provides optimal charge for virtually any USB device (based on type and number of connected devices).  The ChargeHub comes with a power supply and one  CableLinx™ Micro to USB Charge Cable.  Other CableLinx cables are available for $8-$20, depending on type, or you can simply use the cables that came with your devices.  The ChargeHub 7-Port USB Universal Charging Station is available in black, white, red, pink, purple, or blue for $59.95 from ChargeHub.

ChargeHub featured on recently put together a great review of our ChargeHub™.  They touched on many key points of the product, specifically mentioned how useful the DesignStudio is in customizing it.  You can read the entire article below.



We’ve all been there: you have multiple devices that need charging, but only a couple wall chargers. Or you have multiple chargers, but you don’t want to clutter your home or office with extra cables and power bars.

That’s where the ChargeHub shines. It comes in either square or circular iterations, with a number of different colour options, allows you to charge up to seven devices simultaneously with one power supply, and costs only $60.

We’ve seen and used other devices that charge up to four devices at once, unfortunately most of these devices are plugged directly into the wall.

The ChargeHub on the other hand has an extension cord of sorts that allows you to stick it in convenient locations like the boardroom table, your office, or your kitchen.
It ensures that you’re never cluttering the home or office with extra cables or power bars.

If you’re worried about its appearance, it can even be customized through ChargeHub’s “DesignStudio” web application to include photos, text, logos, or graphics, so it’s always tailored to you.

Considering our focus on protecting your business critical data and hardware, we are especially fond of this product because it has built in safety features to assist in the security of all connected devices.

We believe the ChargeHub offers a lot of useful functionality, especially for business users.

ChargeHub on’s List of 32 Incredibly Useful Business Gadgets for 2015

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ChargeHub ($60)

For an office environment, this seven-port charging device is a boon for productivity. You can charge one or two tablets plus several smartphones all at once. The device comes in a wide range of colors including boardroom-friendly white and a bright blue.

ChargeHub & CableHub Holiday Giveaway on Mommy Ramblings

Recently, we sent over a ChargeHub and CableHub  for Carolyn at to test out.  Their response was overwhelmingly positive.  You can view the ChargeHub™ and CableHub™ review on the Mommy Ramblings blog HERE.  We were even featured in the 2014 Holiday Gift Guide.

ChargeHub Universal 7 Port Charger and CableHub Review & Giveaway!!! 2014 #HolidayGiftGuide Pick


ChargHub Logo

We are a very high-tech household, the amount of tablets and smartphones that need charging could be intimidating.  It’s nice to have charging stations throughout the house.  Looking for something that can connect multiple devices neatly is hard to find.  The ChargeHub  was  the answer to our needs, a universal charger with 7 USB dedicated charging ports that deliver 48 Watts of power even with 7 devices simultaneously attached.  The ChargeHub was awarded Best of CES 2014 by iPhone Life Magazine as one of the most innovative new iOS related products.


The ChargeHub was designed and developed by Limitless Innovations, Inc.   The ChargeHub was born when they identified a market for a USB mobile device charger unlike any on the market.  The ChargeHub impressed us with its versatility and power.  Patent-pending SmartSpeed Technology allow any port to charge the connected device at max charging speed regardless of whether it’s an Apple iOS or Android device.

We attached iOS and Android devices and they all charged fast and fully. The CableLinx Value Pack contains 4 short-length USB charge and sync cables for the 4 most common types of tech devices on the market today.  These flat cables are great for connecting our devices to the ChargeHub and gives us a nice neat charging station look for any area of our home.4-usb-black

You may notice the familiar picture on our ChargeHub, that’s another great feature.  There’s a free online DesignStudio that allows users to personalize their ChargeHub with photos, text, logos or graphics.  This makes it a perfect choice for fundraising or to give as promotional gifts!

CableHub Logo

The CableHub is the answer for taming messy, cord clutter.  The CableHub will organize up to 7 cords, cables or wires at one time and keep them stable and tangle-free!  The CableHub will reduce exposed cords whether for safety, aesthetics or convenience.

You can wrap cords up to 10 feet long around the weighted disc and snap the unit shut.  It was a simple process to contain the long cords many of our devices have for charging to make the charging area tidy and safe.  The CableHub is a personalized cable organizer available in 13 colors and 2 shapes.  Use the online DesignStudio to customize the top with a personal photo, logo, text or artwork.  The CableHub will beautify your space by cutting cord clutter and showcasing your unique design.

Mommy Ramblings is thrilled with the ChargeHub and the CableHub and is adding it to our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide!  They are a great gift choice for almost anyone on your gift list.

Limitless Innovations is sponsoring a giveaway on Mommy Ramblings!  One lucky blog reader will win their own ChargeHub and CableHub.  Thank you Limitless Innovations for the review products you so beautifully personalized for us and for sponsoring this awesome giveaway on Mommy Ramblings!!!  Open to US residents.  Good Luck!!!

Limitless Innovations ChargeHub and CableHub Giveaway on Mommy Ramblings Rules:

ChargeHub Featured on WCCB Charlotte

Derek and Kristine Test Out ChargeHub

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Your User Friendly Tech News is keeping you in the know when it comes to the hottest gadgets on the market. Rising hosts Derek James and Kristine Zell check out the ChargeHub – a 7-in-1 charging port.

Whether it’s your tablet, GPS, smartphone, MP3, or gaming device – you can make a one stop shop to power up with the ChargeHub.

It won top awards by iPhone Life Magazine and debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show.

The ChargeHub gets rid of the hassle of having all those power cords out in the open.

It retails for $59.95 and is expected in stores and online by the end of the year.

You can even personalize it with your own image or company logo!

The Geek Church Reviews ChargeHub

Our friends over at The Geek Church had a chance to review The ChargeHub.  Here is what they had to say:

Some of you might remember when I did a report on a product known as the Cable Hub, a product that is able to get rid of a lot of cables, in order to completely de-tangle your life. This device was made by Limitless Innovations, and they have a similar product known as the ChargeHub, which can also detangle your life, in a different way.

The ChargeHub is essentially a device with 7 USB ports. If you don’t think your desk needs that, then you probably don’t have enough gadgets. I mean with a smartphone, Bluetooth headset, MP3 player, digital camera, and anything else that is USB charged, you really need a ChargeHub.

The device has a cord to plug into the wall, and you can set the voltage. Speaking of things you can set, there is an awesome option of a Blue LED indicator light that creates a cobalt blue glow underneath the ChargeHub.

Another option of the ChargeHub is that it has a removable top cover so you can put a photo or drawing there.

On the whole, it is nice. I don’t really have a price on this, but I have had a chance to review it, so it must be available soon. I don’t have a price, but I’m sure you can find out more about it here.

Chicago Tribune’s Blue Sky Mentions ChargeHub Among IH+H Standouts

Standing out from the crowd at the International Home and Housewares Show is not an easy feat.  This year, we were privileged to be recognized by Chicago Tribune’s Blue Sky Innovation as one of the interesting new gadgets.

Coffee machines, stylish laundry totes and products that help you carry, filter or carbonate water held the spotlight at the International Home and Housewares Show that closed Tuesday at McCormick Place. The event featured four days, 2,100 exhibits and 60,000 attendees who focused on entertaining, cooking, cleaning and décor.

Among the interesting new offerings:


The ChargeHub by McHenry’s Limitless Innovations provides the ability to charge up to seven USB devices simultaneously with optimal charge using one power supply. $49.95.