The ChargeHub does not support the Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 Technology, as that’s specific to certain type of devices, such as the ones found here: https://www.qualcomm.com/media/documents/files/quick-charge-device-list.pdf

It’s an up-and-coming technology, but a large majority of devices on the market still do not have this. However, the ChargeHub will still charge these devices, as well as every other USB-chargeable device on the market – most with optimum speed.

The ChargeHub has reduced the amount of energy being consumed to virtually ZERO when plugged in without devices. As a result, the ChargeHub has achieved the highest standard in energy efficiency, Energy Level VI. Read more about this efficiency standard here.”

The ChargeHub is not a portable battery charger. It must be plugged in order to function. However, our Vehicle Power Cable is a great option for using your ChargeHub on-the-go.

The ChargeHub is capable of providing 8.8 amps total output to your devices. Based on your charging needs, you can charge up to 7 devices at a time. A typical smartphone uses around 1 amp. Therefore, charging 7 smartphones would use 7 amps, which is less than the 8.8 amp maximum. Tablets use around 1.8 amps but that number can climb to 2.4 amps with a completely dead battery. At that point, you will only be able to charge 4 devices (1.8 amps x 4 (devices) = 7.2 amps).

The ChargeHub is designed to optimally charge your devices. This means it will charge them quickly, as well as safely.

Your ChargeHub’s insert can be customized with our DesignStudio or by purchasing our Custom Inserts. Currently the ChargeHub is only available in the colors found on our website.

You can order your ChargeHub right here on our website. Also, you can place your order by our toll-free phone number at 855.843.4828.

Every ChargeHub comes with a 1 Year Limited Warranty. Details can be found here: https://thechargehub.com/1-year-limited-warranty/

Absolutely! Head over to our online store and check out our other great products. Our Travel Case for ChargeHub and CableLinx Value Pack of 4 USB Charge & Sync Cables are two of our most popular options.

The ChargeHub was proudly innovated in the USA. It is assembled, customized, and ships from our corporate office in McHenry, IL USA. Parts of the ChargeHub are manufactured in China.

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The ChargeHub is ready to charge immediately after plugging your device in!

We are always happy to help! Our custom inserts are a great way to personalize your ChargeHub. Just send your artwork during checkout and we will print them on our custom, scratch resistant, vinyl inserts.

Our free online DesignStudio is a great way to design your own inserts.

The ChargeHub is a great option for home use, but it is powerful enough to use at your office or business. With its unique 7-Port capability, the ChargeHub is the perfect charging solution for an office setting.

The blue underglow can be set to bright, dim, or it can be turned off completely using the switch on the back of the ChargeHub. The blue power indicator light lets you know that the ChargeHub is on and working properly.

Your ChargeHub may need a break! Try unplugging one or two devices until the blinking stops. This is one of our many safety features to protect your devices and your hub.

All computers, whether they are PC or Mac, require their own power supply. This is due to the fact that these machines are very powerful and typically warrant higher power than a typical USB cable.

If you choose to create a custom insert, the clear lens will protect it from wear and tear. You can find the lens underneath the standard ChargeHub insert.

All USB 2.0 devices that have been released since the debut of the ChargeHub are compatible with our charger. At this point, we don’t foresee any issues with any phones being released in the future. That being said, we can’t predict the future. Or can we?

The ChargeHub is available in both round and square shapes.

The ChargeHub can be used in your car, boat, RV and even in an airplane, with our Vehicle Power Cable!

You will more than likely need a plug converter. Our International Travel Kit for ChargeHub, is a perfect option! It includes all 4 of the most common plug types. Our Travel Case for ChargeHub is another great option to keep everything neat and tidy in your suitcase.

Your current USB charge cables will work just fine with our ChargeHub. Certain charge/sync cables may not work. If you need cables, or would like short cables to keep everything clean, our CableLinx USB cables are a perfect option!

The switch controls the Adjustable Underglow beneath the ChargeHub.  You can set it to bright, dim, or off.

Yes, you can plug your ChargeHub into a power strip, without any issue. We always recommend plugging electronics into a surge protector such as our PowerStation 360.