Daily Two Cents reviews ChargeHub X7

Daily Two Cents ChargeHub recently featured the ChargeHub X7! Check out this glowing review below or you can read the full feature online here.

Get Charging With The ChargeHub X7 USB Supercharger

Sometimes all you want is something simple that does one thing and does it well. So when it comes to charging up a smartphone or tablet or any number of USB power inputting devices, simple is best. But simple doesn’t mean you have to put up with things when patience is lacking. That’s why the ChargeHub X7 USB Supercharger is sitting on your desk or night table or wherever. Because it knows what to do with these devices — up to 7 of them at the same time too

Safety Assured

The X7 is safe to use so lets get that out of the way first because safety is important. It’s UL/cUL Listed, has been tested to comply with FCC Standard Part 15, Energy Level VI Efficiency and is RoHS Compliant for optimum quality, safety and durability. Again what all that means is that it’s safe to use, and that its 48 watts of power can do the job without being bothered by any inconsistencies.

Now what the job entails is letting you plug in up to 7 devices so they can all share in getting a recharge simultaneously. The X7 sits where you put it and is plugged into a wall outlet, so yes it’s portable in that you can take it to other place with or without the optional charging carry case (or use it in a car with the proper adapters), but no it’s not waterproof or designed to be used on the trail.

There’s two things added just for show — make that as a way to make it visually more appealing. The first is that the top has a clear lens where an insert can be placed. Software for doing this is included. There’s also more than just the blue glow showing that the X7 has power: the underside puts out its own glow which is intensity adjustable.

The ChargeHub X7 USB Supercharger helps to keep all your cables in one place so the frustration of looking for them can be eliminated. That alone could be worth it’s $59.99 retail cost, but obviously it’s the charging that it does that makes for the value in having it.

MacWorld ChargeHub review: Goodbye power strip, hello multi-device charging!


ChargeHub Review

MacWorld recently reviewed all of our ChargeHub models. Read the entire review below or read the article on MacWorld’s website here .

In my family, there are a total of six iOS devices: A pair of iPhones and iPads for the wife and me, and another pair of iPads for the kiddos. That means we’re often scrambling to find AC adapters and spare outlets when it comes time to charge everything.

Super charger

Enter ChargeHub, billed as “the power strip for the 21st century,” a bold claim that’s more than marketing hype. After all, for most smartphone and tablet users, it doesn’t make sense to use wall outlets and traditional power strips with bulky AC adapters when a few simple USB cables get the job done.

That’s exactly what this is: An inch and a half tall, 3.5-inch round polycarbonate puck that provides multiple USB ports from a single AC outlet. Weighing only half a pound, the charger accepts dual voltage 110-240V input, making it compact enough for international travel.

ChargeHub is available in three models, distinguished by the number of ports and how much power they output. The three-port, 25-watt X3 ($39.99 MSRP; $30 on Amazon) and the five-port, 40-watt X5 ($50; available on Amazon), but there’s also a seven-port, 44-watt X7 ($60; available on Amazon).

The six-foot, two-prong AC cable at the back of the unit is detachable, and conveniently includes a Velcro strap to reduce the amount of excess cables. That doesn’t help when plugging in multiple devices with stock Lightning cables, but the company sells 3.5-inch flat cables designed for this purpose; unfortunately, none are included with the X3 or X5, but a pack of four sells for $24.

Custom design

ChargeHub makes up for that stinginess by offering the ability to customize. Each model is available in your choice of eight colors: Black, white, red, blue, pink, purple, orange or green. (X7 is also available in clear, or with a square design.) But the customization doesn’t stop there.

Users are encouraged to swap out the company’s logo on the top with one of your own, courtesy of a web-based Design Studio. Here you can add photos (your own or from a large image gallery), add text, and export a PDF file to print at home. It’s a fairly basic, Adobe Flash-powered affair, but gets the job done.

Otherwise, ChargeHub delivers where it counts. Each port is capable of pushing a maximum of 2.4A for the fastest charging speeds currently available with iOS devices. The hardware is solid and well-built, and I liked the rubberized ring around the bottom that keeps the unit from sliding around on a kitchen counter.